Pineapple CEO on the importance of R&R in 2023

Tech-focused brokerage highlights its guiding philosophy for this year

Pineapple CEO on the importance of R&R in 2023

With tech-focused brokerage Pineapple having established itself as a formidable industry presence over the past few years, president and CEO Shubha Dasgupta said that the company will be focusing on buttressing the fundamentals.

“Each year at Pineapple, we like to take a philosophy of following a theme – and this year, our theme has been ‘R&R’,” Dasgupta said in a recent interview with Canadian Mortgage Professional.

However, Dasgupta stressed that Pineapple’s R&R is nowhere near being a lackadaisical phase of rest and relaxation.

“For us, R&R has been around focusing on revenue and retention: helping our brokers and our agents focus on those two things in their business as we’ve been in a somewhat volatile market,” he said.

Dasgupta said that the company has helped its mortgage professionals through what he called Pineapple’s “three pillars” of support, training, and technology.

“The goal is to provide a more hands-on approach to how we can support [them], and this year we launched an incredible program called Pineapple Counsellors,” Dasgupta said.

Pineapple Counsellors was described by the company as a program that “pairs senior mortgage experts with agents that need help getting to the next level of their career.”

“New to mid-level mortgage agents were able to align and get assigned to an individual Pineapple Counsellor that was able to guide them through various areas of their business and help them navigate through this volatile market,” Dasgupta said.

The streamlining of processes was also apparent in the client-facing side of the business.

“We’ve revamped our online pre-qualification program; now we’re having what is probably the most customizable pre-qualification available in the industry today,” Dasgupta said.

“We’re really enabling our agents to build stronger relationships with their client base, and reinforce the relationships that they already have with their existing and past customers.”

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