How should brokerages and networks leverage mortgage tech?

Adoption of new tech should be an organic process for mortgage professionals, exec says

How should brokerages and networks leverage mortgage tech?

Digital platforms appear to be here to stay, and Jason Henneberry of Tango Financial has stressed that it is incumbent upon brokerages and networks to ensure the efficient and intelligent use of these technologies.

The Tango Financial co-founder and COO believes that the adoption of new tech should be an organic process for everyone involved.

"[Mortgage professionals] don't want to be forced to use any specific piece of technology,” Henneberry said in a recent CMPTV Power Panel.

Henneberry said that this is especially apparent in large, diverse organizations like Tango Financial, which has more than 400 agents spread across 40 teams.

“They really want to be able to have freedom and flexibility when it comes to choosing the technology that's going to suit them best and help them achieve their overall business objectives,” he said.

“Technology should be used to augment your business and make life easier. If it’s not doing that for you, you probably don’t need it.”

By all indications, these are widespread sentiments: The 2021 edition of the ICE Mortgage Technology Borrower and Lender Insights survey found that 90% of industry professionals believe that digital mortgage technology is a must for a positive customer experience, while 74% believe that technology can simplify the mortgage process.

“We’re particularly interested in technologies that are going to move the needle in areas that our agents have expressed are important to them,” Henneberry said. “Things like generating more business, engaging existing clients, staying top of mind with partners, referral sources… We don’t pretend to be all things to all people.”