Brokerage founder on women's unique contribution to the mortgage industry

Plus: What more needs to be done to ensure equality of opportunity?

Brokerage founder on women's unique contribution to the mortgage industry

The Canadian mortgage industry has made significant strides in representation over the past decade, but for Tracy Valko of Valko Financial, much more needs to be done in this regard.

“We need to start shifting the pendulum to see more women get into executive positions, because I do think they bring different strengths that men don’t necessarily have,” Valko said in a recent interview with CMPTV.

Valko cited statistics from Deloitte indicating that women currently account for just 24% of high-level professionals in the Canadian financial services space.

“I think at this point, it’s very important for women to be able to showcase their strengths and what they can contribute, because we do have a different perspective,” Valko said. “Women as leaders in the financial spectrum [have] not only been undervalued, but [also] underutilized.”

In particular, the resilience and understanding that women mortgage leaders can bring to the table are of irreplaceable value.

“Many other people look at that as a weakness in leadership, but it is so much more of a strength [when it comes to being] a leader today, because you need to be able to put people first – and be able to foster what [your people’s] strengths are,” Valko said.

Such an approach brings with it manifold benefits when it comes to client interaction.

“We really need to look at people’s situations, because I think [in] money, there is trauma – and helping people through their trauma, and recognizing it, can really help you get some really good headway, see good success with families and individuals,” Valko said.

“In an industry where we’re all about numbers, you sometimes have to take that aside.”

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