Powerhouse M3 partners with Flinks

Helps brokers keep pace with the rapid change in buyer behavior

TORONTO, Ontario, September 14, 2021 — Canada’s undisputed #1 in origination, M3 Group today announced it is teaming up with the critically acclaimed open-banking FinTech, Flinks.The joint initiative instantly accelerates mortgage approvals for their 8300+ brokers

across the country by simplifying and streamlining the complex and rapidly changing mortgage journey for buyers via Flinks’ robust API and deep dive data tools.

Broker-Led. Data Driven. Consumer Obse$$ed!
“We are always looking for new and creative ways to provide our brokers with more value to give them that competitive edge and Flinks and their innovative API helps bring that to life,” said Andre Boisvert, CTO, M3 Tech. “Simply put, Flinks adds to our growing arsenal of digitally-enabled capabilities we can provide brokers to help them close more deals, more often!”

“Combining M3’s best in breed approach and diligence to collectively drive the amazing benefits of open finance in origination with our innovative technology and tools to help is a major milestone for Flinks,” said Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf, CEO Flinks. “M3 is the ideal partner for us and, over time, we plan to provide them a broader portfolio of tools that will allow their brokers to grow their success by dreaming bigger by meeting the rising demands of today’s buyers.”

Why Flinks? Why Now?
The partnership instantly provides brokers across the M3 brand collective the ability to:

  • Start deliv -ering immediate value-add to your clients
  • Quick er data gathering & document proofing (Thanks to Flinks you can cut time from weeks to minutes)
  • Access industry-leading data collection tools to help you… (Stay on top of workload and spend more time focusing on what matters most: your clients)
  • Leverage data tools directly from BOSS (Embedded into our proprietary platform for quick and easy access whenever you want, wherever you want)

Montreal-based Flinks has been delivering the tools of financial innovation to businesses since 2016, and have quickly taken over the digital financial space, powered by data. Providing the data layer needed to power the next generation of connected financial experiences, the innovative FinTech continues to reinvent the ecosystem. That’s why, M3 and their extensive breadth of partners and lenders trust Flinks to streamline experiences.

As the financial services sector undergoes unprecedented digital acceleration, Flinks is partnering with the group during a time of great success. M3 recently announced record-breaking annual volumes of $64+ billion on a TTL basis, true partnerships with National Bank, Equifax, MyClosing and game changer acquisitions including industry leading Pinch Financial.