CLC Network welcomes Livewell Mortgages

The CLC Network continues to grow and would officially like to welcome Livewell Mortgages to the CLC family

Toronto, September 24, 2020 – The CLC Network continues to grow and would officially like to welcome Livewell Mortgages to the CLC family.

Livewell is a GTA based mortgage brokerage led by Pauline Smiley who brings 25 years of mortgage experience. We asked Pauline what she’s most excited about, “Our mantra is ‘Grow Together’ and with our CLC Network affiliation, our agents will be able to thrive in an environment where they will be mentored, nurtured, and encouraged to help each other grow to become the highest level of mortgage professional”.

Today, Pauline is focused on each of the 12 mortgage agents of the Livewell brand and their requirements for personal and business growth. “My goal has always been to mentor mortgage agents to be client-focused and become lifetime advisors to generations,” Pauline continued. “It’s this focus that allows us to become a part of our clients' lives and service their needs for years to come.”

We asked Pauline, after 25 successful years, why the change and what brought her to the CLC Network? “It was 2 main things for me that I recognized I needed in my business that would allow me to elevate the brokerage and the service we delivered to our agents, first is exceptional mortgage agent training. The training at the CLC Network has to be the best I’ve seen in our industry thus far. The care, attention and detail that goes into the over 40 hours of training per month are incredible. The second is broker support. We always hear about support but I’ve now seen it from a different perspective and know what true support is. This allows the broker and their agents to focus on growing their business and client satisfaction.”

“The training we provide is something that is offered centrally to our brokerage partners and removes a big responsibility off our broker-owners' shoulders,” said CEO Shubha Dasgupta. “The goal was to provide each agent with the best training possible because the agents of today are the leaders of tomorrow and we wanted to do our part in building a stronger future for our industry.”

“I’ve been in the industry for 15 years and the training certainly sets us apart from our competitors,” continued Christa Mitchell. “Our focus is to provide an agent and broker as much training as possible to help develop regardless of the stage of your career, this would then free up the broker-owner to provide agents with additional care and support which would result is successful mortgage agents”

“The name Livewell inspires me to do whatever I can to gain control in life, I want to do it well so it serves me well,” concluded Pauline.