BluMortgage CRM integrates with Velocity to streamline data transparency for brokers

The Canadian mortgage CRM’s integration with Velocity will bring time-saving efficiency to enable data-driven sales and marketing

March 31, 2021 (TORONTO, ON)  Canadian CRM company, Bluroot, has announced a partnership with Newton, and their all-in-one operating platform for Mortgage Brokers, Velocity. Their solution for mortgage professionals in Canada, BluMortgage CRM, enables seamless pipeline management with powerful analytic capabilities.

The integration with Velocity will further enhance pipeline management for brokers, enabling seamless data transfer for processes that would otherwise be time-consuming and tedious for brokers. With the click of a button, new and existing Velocity deal data effortlessly flows into the BluMortgage CRM. “We believe that brokers should be focused on what they do best and not double entry of data.” Says Tom Hall, Co-Founder of BluMortgage. “The integration with Velocity is a massive leap towards that goal with a huge number of BluMortgage users already using Velocity for their deal submission.”

While BluMortgage excels in the sales and marketing aspects of mortgage brokering, Velocity delivers brokers an all-in-one operating platform, including direct application submissions to every lender. “Velocity is committed to helping brokers deliver the best possible client experiences with the least amount of effort” Says Geoff Willis from Newton. “Connecting with the CRM experts at BluMortgage makes this all the more attainable for any broker wanting to design their own special workflows and touch points.”

Learn more about the BluMortgage and its Velocity integration here.