Adapting to the current environment

Adaptation and evolution are not new to the world, but certainly something we consider more often in today’s unprecedented times


Adaptation and evolution are not new to the world, but certainly something we consider more often in today’s unprecedented times. Ever since Charles Darwin wrote about this in the 1800’s, people and businesses have been evolving to meet the needs of their customers and employees. 

The CLC Network has been a driver in evolution since their inception over three years ago. As the pace of mortgage agent requirements and digitization has accelerated over the past few years, they have been focused on ensuring they can guide their brokerages and agents through this ever-changing landscape, while never losing the importance of their fundamental belief in people at the forefront.

Over the past few weeks and months entire industries, businesses and lives have been forced to evolve in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, never before seen in our lifetime. The Network CLC has been no different and they feel it’s important to share these strategies with our industry in an effort to grow stronger and see each other through to the other side.

“It is important that we put aside our brands and differences for the immediate future and work together to ensure the progression of our industry. We are encouraged by the many leaders and organizations that have stepped up and taken this challenge,” said Shubha Dasgupta, CEO of The CLC Network. “As a whole, we all play a role in the success of the brokerage industry and we all have a hand in supporting and ensuring our growth and sustainability.”

Over the past few months, The CLC Network has done it’s part in ensuring business continuity and growth, but more importantly, assisting mortgage agents in adapting their businesses. It started by reintroducing agents and brokers to tools they are provided, but may not have utilized as frequently prior to the  pandemic. Tools like enterprise webinar software and virtual connectivity tools are resources that have been critical for agents in staying relevant and accessible while minimizing interruption and maximizing efficiencies.

Then came a big shift in the message that was being delivered. Now, more than anything, everything is about service: people before profit. Our role as mortgage experts is critical right now. Customers and partners all have the immediate stress of job loss, financial uncertainty, caring for kids and worrying about the sick. The focus became how can we alleviate some of these concerns by making sure their mortgages were being addressed. This also assists in removing pressure off our lender partners by directing clients to their options correctly and quickly. Helping Canadian homeowners find cost saving opportunities in their mortgages by using deep data analytics and creating customized reporting and education for our agents were one of the key initiatives rolled out by the company.

FInally, how could The CLC Network ensure we were providing back for our communities? To provide their brokers and agents with immediate value that could be provided to partners and clients. Introducing their financial literacy for kids program, twice per week, parents are able to login their children to this amazing webinar series that keeps them engaged while teaching kids the basics of money. This has provided opportunities for our agents to continuously keep existing relationships engaged and form new ones in a time when value is hard to identify. 

Christa Mitchell adds “If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is how such a big world can become so small.”