Pineapple Financial launches new custom eSignature, advertising software

New tech aims to help brokers enhance lead conversion and boost client acquisition

Pineapple Financial launches new custom eSignature, advertising software

Pineapple Financial Inc. has announced the launch of its custom eSignature and advertising banner management software, which it said was designed to enhance lead conversion and drive customer acquisition.

“Our focus is on building cutting-edge technology that helps our brokers thrive in an ever-evolving landscape, driving continuous revenue," said Kendall Marin, president and COO of Pineapple.

“With our new eSignature and ad banner component, we help our brokers cost-effectively strengthen their brand, build trust, drive leads, engage on social media, and generate revenue.”

Pineapple said that the banners especially help in this regard, as they increase the mortgage professional’s marketing value and drive conversions through advertising special offers, promoting testimonials, highlighting new content, and even directly establishing appointment bookings.

Pineapple added that with the eSignature and banner updating automatically across all its applications and platforms in real time, “the process becomes efficient and eliminates the complexities associated with coding,” it said. “The eSignature and ad banner can be integrated into other applications such as Outlook or MacMail, creating a consistent and cohesive brand identity.”

Christa Mitchell, CSO of Pineapple, said that this particular function helps beyond just the sheer generation of revenue.

“Email signature companies charge for this functionality, but we offer it to our brokers for free,” Mitchell said. “Eliminating third-party sources also translates to cost savings for both the brokers and the business.”

“We understand just how important the first impression is when building trust with consumers, and we couldn’t ignore the revenue potential that a professional email signature could bring for our agents,” added Shubha Dasgupta, CEO of Pineapple.

“With eye-catching visuals and a compelling call to action, our mortgage brokers can make a lasting impression that exudes professionalism and builds credibility for strong customer relationships.”