Royal Bank

A Canada housing crash? Don't count on it, says RBC economist

"This is more likely to be a soft landing than a severe correction or some kind of crash or meltdown"

Analyst: Dividend payout hikes in the cards for major lenders

Current trends point to a potential mortgage market slowdown later this year, analyst says

RBC: Housing price trends show significant variances across markets

Buyers will continue to struggle with challenging affordability conditions, economist says

RBC spends big to keep staff

There is stiff competition for workers

RBC: Impact of BoC's 50bp hike now starkly apparent in housing market

Some markets saw their most significant declines in activity in recent years

RBC: It's mostly downhill from the spring market

The Bank of Canada's substantial rate increases will put a damper on housing activity

Founded on relationships

Relationships form the framework of every mortgage deal for Premiere Mortgage Centre executive vice president Kerri Reed

Analyst: Troubled seas ahead for Canadian banks

The impacts of the global economic and geopolitical situation continue to reverberate across the Canadian financial system