Office address: #200 – 313 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 3A7 
Year established: 2000 
Company type: software and technology 
Employees: 11-50 
Expertise: real estate, valuation, analytics, market analysis, market trends, property data, mortgage 
Parent company: Nielsen Holdings  
CEO and key people: Jeff Tisdale, CEO 
Financing status:

Landcor Data Corporation has established itself as a reliable source for comprehensive real estate data in British Columbia. The company has transformed the automated valuation industry with its access to detailed information on over 2 million properties in British Columbia.   

History of Landcor Data Corporation 

Landcor Data Corporation was founded in 2000 by Rudy Nielsen, a leader in British Columbia's real estate evaluation and appraisal sector. Nielsen recognized the need for fast, accurate electronic real estate appraisals. This led to the creation of Landcor's Automated Valuation Model (AVM), a groundbreaking development in the industry. Landcor aims to expand its innovative AVM system across the country, providing easy and accurate real estate valuation throughout Canada.   

Products and Services of Landcor Data Corporation  

Landcor Data Corporation offers a diverse range of products and services, with a focus on providing accurate and comprehensive real estate data. Here are their top products and services:   

  • The Valuator™: this flagship residential valuation report is recognized as one of the leading Automated Valuation Models (AVM) in Canada, offering highly accurate property valuations 

  • Adjusted Value Profiler™: this service provides monthly adjusted values with a market shift percentage, updating the current assessed value for specific property types in designated areas 

  • The Property Profiler™: offering the current year BC Assessment Value, this report includes detailed property information, making it a valuable tool for real estate professionals 

  • Title Search Plus: a convenient service for obtaining current title documents from the Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA), allowing for searches by civic address   

These products and services reflect Landcor Data Corporation's commitment to delivering reliable and detailed real estate information, catering to the diverse needs of their clients in the real estate industry.   

Culture at Landcor Data Corporation 

With a shared mission to be the leading real estate data provider in British Columbia, Landcor’s collaborative culture prioritizes supporting colleagues, sharing expertise, and embracing new experiences. This focus on growth cultivates a dynamic and engaging workplace where employees excel by learning from each other. 

Landcor delivers industry-leading data with excellent customer service. Its Automated Valuation Models combine multiple regression and cutting-edge algorithms to come up with a property’s current market value. Complementing this is Landcor’s client-focused customer support services, delivering assistance through multiple channels.  

About Landcor Data Corporation CEO Jeff Tisdale 

Before joining Landcor’s workforce, Jeff Tisdale was one of Landcor’s clients, having worked for a credit union that used Landcor’s reports and services. Tisdale joined Landcor in 2012 as sales manager, then became CEO in 2016. 

Tisdale champions a client-centric approach, constantly seeking feedback and ensuring mutually beneficial relationships with Landcor's partners. He always makes sure that clients receive the full value of Landcor’s products and services. Having been a former client of the company gives Tisdale unique insight into all aspects of the business – from the client side, to sales, to management.   

The future at Landcor Data Corporation 

Landcor continues to reinvent the real estate industry through its AVM technology. At Landcor, data and a customer-centric approach come together to deliver unparalleled valuation services in British Columbia.