Okhtay Yousefzadeh, DLC Mortgage Evolution

Okhtay Yousefzadeh, DLC Mortgage Evolution

Mortgage specialist
DLC Mortgage Evolution
Vancouver, BC
Age: 33

After graduating with a bachelor of commerce degree from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, Okhtay Yousefzadeh decided to step into the mortgage broker world in early 2015. Yousefzadeh points to his commitment, willingness to learn and passion as key factors behind his success in the industry, which includes four consecutive years of receiving the DLC Diamond Award for being in the top 5% of DLC brokers across Canada.

Over the years, Yousefzadeh has learned that efficiency and organized presentation go a long way in this industry. “I aim to make the mortgage process as error-free and direct as possible to avoid wasting valuable time for all parties involved,” he says. “I believe that clean and complete presentations of application submissions not only result in trusting relationships with lender partners and their underwriting staff, but also a higher chance of an approval, as the lender understands the complete story at first glance.”