The TurnKey Group

The TurnKey Group has been recognized as one of the top teams in the Canadian Real Estate industry by being listed in the 2017 edition of Real Estate Professional Top Teams report

The TurnKey Group
Saskatoon, SK
Team leaders: Ashley Turner and Heather Kehoe

In their first year operating a team for Century 21, Ashley Turner and Heather Kehoe led their TurnKey Group into the ranks of the company’s top-performing teams, finishing the year at number 12.

Turner says the team’s success has been a combination of an excellent company culture, a belief in goal-setting and an award-worthy administrative assistant. “Having a great admin assistant is everything,” she says.

Turner feels the TurnKey Group’s youthful, collaborative take on the team concept has helped it stand out. “Teams are much less about one person now,” she says. “I think the public likes seeing a team working together as a unit rather than one individual rock star hoisted above the rest, tossing out leads willy-nilly.”