186. Leon Klaiman, Forest Hill Real Estate

Leon Klaiman of Forest Hill Real Estate is part of this year's REP Top 200 Agents

186. Leon Klaiman, Forest Hill Real Estate

Forest Hill Real Estate
Vaughan, ON

As a successful Realtor operating in the insanity of the GTA market, Leon Klaiman says his greatest challenge is keeping up with its many vicissitudes. “Every extra thing we do to stay ahead of the market – coaching, new technology, staying in touch with clients and keeping up with market trends – can be a full-time job on its own,” he says.

Having grown accustomed to having a full plate, Klaiman says the most important thing a Realtor can do is stay consistent. “Waking up every morning with the same routine has ultimately been the core foundation of my success,” he says. “That and consistent prospecting have helped me get to where I am today."