15. Yoon Choi, Homelife Frontier Realty

Yoon Choi of Homelife Frontier Realty is part of this year's REP Top 200 Agents

15. Yoon Choi, Homelife Frontier Realty

Homelife Frontier Realty
Toronto, ON

When Yoon Choi walked into a real estate office to discuss the purchase of his first property almost 15 years ago, he had no idea that he would be walking out as his agent’s assistant. “He had such passion for sales, and he advised his clients so well,” Choi recalls. “It really inspired me to become a full-time agent.”

Choi has come a long way from assisting clients with leases in those early years. As the top producer out of the 350 agents working at HomeLife Frontier Realty, Choi has completed more than 3,200 residential transactions, and he has been the company’s top listing agent each year since 2015.