116. Sukhwinder Bhaura, Century 21 President Realty

Sukhwinder Bhaura of Century 21 President Realty is part of this year's REP Top 200 Agents

116. Sukhwinder Bhaura, Century 21 President Realty

Century 21 President Realty
Brampton, ON

Sukh Bhaura has been helping Brampton residents find the right properties since 2004. By developing a unique, technologybased strategy, Bhaura has improved his sales revenue tremendously over the last few years. In fact, 2017 was the best year of his career for gross commissions in both residential and commercial sales. “My success has come from my personal goal to exceed every client’s expectations, going above and beyond to deliver the best service and market knowledge,” he says.

Bhaura is a perennial member of Century 21’s Grand Centurion Club, Centurion Honor Society and Masters Hall of Fame.