Reza Ghazi, GreenFlow Financial

Reza Ghazi, GreenFlow Financial

Chief Executive Officer

Reza Ghazi is an experienced mortgage and finance professional with 17-plus years of daily operational and management experience. He specialises his services based on business owners’ and entrepreneurs’ requirements, enabling his company to make the process lean and fast for an excellent customer experience.

Forward thinking and thinking long-term, Reza had laid the groundwork for GreenFlow to adapt to the constraints brought about by the pandemic. The GreenFlow was able to provide its services online with efficiency and ease, and without compromising the customer satisfaction for which GreenFlow is known.

More than a boss, Reza is a leader who involves his team in every aspect of the business, listens and implements their ideas, and lets them thrive in a creative and safe environment. He is also focused on creating a diverse and inclusive environment for his team. This includes investing in technologies that empower staff with their daily tasks.

Outside his work responsibilities, Reza is dedicated to educating future professionals through practice, providing students with opportunities to get involved in the industry and learn. He is also passionate about giving back to the community and supports a number of not-profit-organisations in various capacities.