Vidit Paruthi, Xeva Mortgage

Vidit Paruthi, Xeva Mortgage

Mortgage professional
Xeva Mortgage 

Vidit Paruthi started his career in software sales before transitioning into mortgages. Just two years in, Paruthi has funded more than $16 million, been recognized as one of the top three mortgage brokers in Surrey, has become a member of the Verico Executive Club and has more than 60 five-star customer reviews on Google and Facebook.

“I strive to provide support throughout the life of a mortgage and am always available for my clients as their first point of contact,” he says. “I believe no technology can substitute this type of human connection.”

For every client, Paruthi seeks to provide “an incredible value in their lives. There have been situations where they were too busy to book an appointment and make a visit or invite someone into their homes. There are situations where people are in difficult situations and are trying to get out discreetly, and banks can’t help them. This is where I think I have been really successful.”