Remi Korent, Mortgage broker Rock, Solid Mortgages

Remi Korent of Solid Mortgages is part of this year's Canadian Mortgage Professional's Hot List

Remi Korent, Mortgage broker Rock, Solid Mortgages

Although funded volume is often held up as a measure of success for brokers, Remi Korent finds that being able to pull through tough deals brings a different level of satisfaction. On top of achieving his best year and being among the top 20% of TMG brokers nationwide, Korent is most proud of having funded all the tough deals that came his way – “the kind of deals where clients were either told no by their bank or a file that someone else couldn’t get done,” he says. “I feel there’s way more value in genuinely helping people who didn’t think they would be able to qualify … the groundswell associated with that is powerful.”

For Korent, achieving continuous success depends in large part on branding and positioning oneself in the market. “You can be the best mortgage broker in the world and you still need the phone to ring, so I have had to refocus my efforts to marketing,” he says. “[I] increased online presence with a focus on customer reviews and social media to make mortgages more palatable for the average consumer.”

This includes putting a mortgage spin on popular forms of media and using readily available resources such as Google Business and AdWords, all while regularly touching base with existing face-to-face referral sources and networking with potential industry partners. Recently, Rock Solid Mortgages moved over to Quantus Mortgages, and Korent looks forward to expanding his team and business in the future.