Janna Dawdy, Owner and mortgage agent, JCMortgages.ca

Janna Dawdy of JCMortgages.ca is part of this year's Canadian Mortgage Professional's Hot List

Janna Dawdy, Owner and mortgage agent, JCMortgages.ca

In January 2018, Janna Dawdy opened JCMortgages.ca’s first storefront location and hired multiple staff; a few months later, she founded JCMakes a Difference, her business’s charitable initiative. “Having this space and team has allowed not only for the growth of the business, but so much more,” Dawdy says. “JCMakes a Difference is our very own charitable initiative, designed to promote a movement of accepting all generosity for the greater good.”

When promoting and growing the business, Dawdy’s marketing strategy has remained consistent for years, becoming bigger and better over time. “I think 2018 was the year we really brought together all our traditional marketing with our online presence,” she says. “We really grew our following on our social media profiles and became engaged with our online community.”

Looking to the future, Dawdy plans to keep expanding her business while staying focused on issues she’s passionate about, such as hiring additional support staff to work on key projects. “I want JCMortgages.ca to ultimately be known for so much more than just mortgages,” she says. “I want to be seen as a leader in the industry for promoting financial literacy and well-being through a positive lifestyle and homeownership. I have begun to develop a series of educational programs designed for teenagers, parents, less-than-fortunate families and clients. I want everybody to know about the importance of financial well-being and to have access to the tools and knowledge that isn’t delivered through our educational system.”