Varsha Sharma, Syndicate Lending Corporation

Varsha Sharma, Syndicate Lending Corporation

Senior lending analyst

Syndicate Lending Corporation

Varsha Sharma always wanted a career in which she could help others. While studying to become a doctor, she began working part-time as a mortgage broker. Upon graduation, she decided to pursue a full-time career in the industry. “I had found a way to help people through a different means; my passion had grown for mortgages,” she says. “Helping people financially and providing sound advice with one of the potentially biggest purchases of their lives was a different but still effective way to help people.”

Sharma worked as a director and managing broker for a Mortgage Alliance franchise before moving in 2018 to Syndicate Lending Corporation, where she has grown her business exponentially over the past year.

Recently, Sharma became a board member of the Fiji Canada Professional Women’s Network Society, a group dedicated to empowering women in business. “Being someone who started young in the real estate and mortgage industry, I find that it’s easy for women to be undermined,” she says, “which is why I feel it’s important to provide professional businesswomen an outlet to be able to support and empower one another.”