Hosper Mortgage

Every day, the Hosper team is pursuing one mission – to be “the best alternative to a traditional bank.” For Hosper’s brokers, this manifests itself as three core pillars of service: impressive speed, exceptional customer service and unfailing consistency. “Speed and service are baked into everything that we do,” says Jerry Wieliczko, Hosper’s broker relationship manager. 


Hosper Mortgage is quickly becoming the first choice for many brokers when the bank says no, winning overall gold in CMP’s Brokers on Lenders survey two years in a row. Hosper offers fast approvals and flexible terms on residential mortgages in every market in Ontario. Its goal is to provide a range of straightforward, equity-based solutions as fast as clients need them. “Brokers want a lender who is transparent with the terms and conditions from the very beginning – they want a lender who will collaborate and work towards a solution,” Wieliczko says. 


Hosper has found success because it has been able to deliver on its three core pillars. Speed and service always come first – but it is equally important that the process is consistent every time. “Once you’ve closed one mortgage with Hosper,” Wieliczko says, “you know what to expect for the next 10.” 


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Hosper Mortgage


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2 St Clair Ave W #1800, Toronto, ON M4V 1L5


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[email protected]