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HomeEquity Bank has been dedicated to providing Canadian homeowners 55+ with smart and simple solutions for enjoying the retirement they deserve—in the home they love, for over 35 years. We know that for many people 55+, retirement can be a challenge when the unexpected happens: cash flow is less than planned; the desire to help kids without tapping into savings; or a major unexpected circumstance arises. We understand helping your clients is your top priority, and HomeEquity Bank is here to help make that happen with our range of products including CHIP Reverse Mortgage, CHIP Max, CHIP Open and Income Advantage. To learn more, visit chipadvisor.ca and contact your BDM today https://www.chipadvisor.ca/bdm/.


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HomeEquity Bank


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1881 Yonge St., Suite 300, Toronto, ON M4S 3C4


[email protected]