"You need good people around you"

Top broker on succeeding in the commercial space

"You need good people around you"

Cameron Perry, director of Perry Finance and CEO of Melbourne Finance & Equity Group, was recently named one of MPA’s Top Commercial Brokers for 2022.

Perry recently chatted with MPA TV about his secrets for succeeding in the commercial mortgage space.

“Number one is building your knowledge base around what you’re doing so that you are providing a valuable service and providing valuable advice to your clients,” Perry said. “Number two would be building a good team around you. It’s a very complicated area and it has a lot of moving parts, and it’s impossible to do by yourself. You need good people around you to be able to successfully work in this space. I’m a big believer in that.”

Perry also stressed the importance of prioritising time management.

“I think it is quite easy to get dragged into certain areas that take you away from your primary focus, which is assisting clients and writing transactions,” he said. “And I think you do have to be very careful to manage your time in this space.”

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Perry also spoke about the growing demand for commercial finance among small business clients.

“I think with more and more business being conducted online, and … I think with a lot of freelancing and also the introduction of more and more outsourcing, both internationally and locally, it enables small businesses to operate a lot more above their punching weight, so to speak,” he said. “So, I think for ambitious business owners, it gives them that opportunity to grow. And, of course, as part of that, they generally need funding to grow. So, it does open up a lot of opportunities in the finance space. I think the way that the global economy is moving … there’s a lot more opportunities for small business owners out there.”

Watch the full interview here.