Top Commercial Broker for 2023 reflects on the market

Jean-Pierre Gortan talks to MPA TV about trends in commercial finance

Top Commercial Broker for 2023 reflects on the market

Jean-Pierre Gortan was recently named MPA’s Top Commercial Broker for 2023 and the highly experienced broker spoke to MPA TV about what’s happening in the world of business finance. 

Gortan (pictured above), the managing director of award-winning commercial finance brokerage Simplicity Loans and Advisory, spoke about the likelihood of a recession, financial trends, and the latest industry developments in commercial finance.

He started the chat by discussing access to finance as well as emerging alternative finance trends.

Gortan said with rising interest rates and inflation pressures, banks were making adjustments to lending criteria, putting pressure on borrowers trying to access financing.

Commercial brokers are crucial in helping businesses secure the needed funds for them to operate effectively, he said.

Gortan also discussed alternative finance trends, such as non-bank lenders and peer-to-peer lending, which mean brokers and borrowers have a greater range of finance options. He also emphasised how important it was for brokers to network and engage in professional development.

He said there was a significant opportunity for residential brokers to diversify into commercial finance, given the far lower proportion of brokers writing commercial loan deals.

Brokers should always be building relationships, staying informed, using technology, and engaging in meaningful conversations within the industry to fully take advantage of these opportunities, Gortan said.