Simplicity Loans & Advisory hits major milestone

It posts $2 billion in loan settlements

Simplicity Loans & Advisory hits major milestone

Commercial lending brokerage Simplicity Loans & Advisory Group has announced that it has reached a significant milestone.

“We are proud to confirm that we have now reached $2 billion in loan settlements since opening the doors in the second half of 2017,” said Matthew Johnson, co-managing director of Simplicity Loans and Advisory Group. “In that time, we have focussed our strength in commercial lending and have built a highly motivated team that aims to get past $3 billion by the end of this calendar year. We believe that our people are the best in the business, and, coupled with our leading-edge technology and extensive third-party referral network under the Marketplace, Finance and Choice Commercial brands, we are super-excited for what we can achieve in 2022.”

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“We invest heavily in the things that matter to our customers,” said Jean-Pierre Gortan, co-managing director at Simplicity. “We spend a lot of time training, refining processes, building relationships with lenders, and developing IT so that we can, hand on heart, say we are going to deliver the best outcome in the market for them.

“Two billion dollars in settlements is great recognition for the team, many of which have been here since day one,” Gortan said. “We are particularly excited about how quickly we can deliver the next $2 billion. As our network continues to grow, so does our reputation. Our NPS feedback is consistently strong. We focus on recognising staff not only for what they achieve, but how they achieve it.”

Johnson agreed.

“We have been able to attract some exciting talent to the business recently, including boosting our Victorian presence, and it’s our reputation in the market that has allowed that to happen,” he said.