Anna Bligh

Government to probe branch closures

A task force will examine how branch closures impact regional communities

Hardship cases spike as borrowers feel lockdown pinch – ABA

Hardship assistance to borrowers has nearly tripled over the past month

APRA backs banks offering relief to lockdown-impacted borrowers

As the lockdowns drag on, the prudential regulator is backing banks' play to help distressed borrowers

What the proposed changes to responsible lending laws mean for lenders and borrowers

Banking sector lauds the reforms, but senators and consumer groups push back

ABA announces relief for borrowers affected by lockdowns

In a move praised by the government, the banking organization is extending deferrals and other relief to mortgage borrowers

Mortgage relief available for mouse plague victims

Experts warn the rodent onslaught in eastern Australia could last two years

ABA head calls for expedition of e-signature legislation

Such reforms are long overdue, says CEO Anna Bligh

Vast majority of deferred loans back on track – peak body

Nearly 1 million loans were deferred at the height of the pandemic, but only a fraction are still on hold

This state leads the pack in outstanding loan deferrals

Many borrowers are still on pause as the expiration of both deferrals and government assistance programs looms