Top 100 broker on holistic offering

“This isn’t the industry it used to be,” he says

Top 100 broker on holistic offering

While the 2020 financial year was difficult, we may not see the full effects of COVID-19, increased regulation and extended lender SLAs until the end of the 2021 financial year, or even that of 2022. This is the view of Top 100 broker Daniel Lanna, senior partner – lending at Findex. Lanna came in at 97 in this year’s Top 100, writing more than $74 million in residential loans. He spoke with MPA on the last 12 months and why he thinks a holistic approach is best for new-to-industry brokers.

Being in the lending and finance industry for almost 24 years, Lanna believes client relationships are the most important part of being a broker – especially when times are tough.

“It’s very easy to service clients during the good times,” he said. “But, going the distance with your clients during their hardest times is really what solidifies one’s relationships.”

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This is sure to resonate with brokers across the country as the nation picks up the pieces following COVID-19 and the worst recession since the 1930s. The past 12 months have proved to be a challenging time for brokers, borrowers and lenders alike – though the full effects may be yet to come. In any case, adaptation has been the lifeblood of brokers and SMEs across the globe and is something that Lanna himself was quick to take on board throughout COVID.

“Brokers had to adapt quite quickly from lending sales advisers to trusted debt triage advisors, assisting clients and businesses with literally continuing to function,” he said.

Findex is a full financial service firm that was launched more than 30 years ago with a vision to provide a holistic offering for clients looking to achieve financial and lifestyle goals. As one of the country’s top integrated advisory firms, the team prides themselves on offering a high touch, personalised approach to helping clients achieve their financial, professional and life goals, said Lanna.

He added that new to industry brokers could benefit from having a diversified offering in the current market.

“Try and have a holistic approach to your clients’ financing needs (residential, equipment and commercial lending). Understanding all aspects of lending will make you a better broker,” he said.

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In addition to this, new brokers must have a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve and adopt a long-term approach to business in order to be successful.

“This isn’t the industry it used be - regulations, legislation and economic factors both domestically and aboard will make our broking industry harder,” he said. “You need to do it well or not at all.”