Start-ups: Why it’s OK to slow down

Experienced business coach Lynda Bayada offers her tips for fledgling brokerages – including how to avoid doing too much at once

In the rush to set up your business you might ignore some vital signs for creating a stronger foundation. It’s OK to slow down, says experienced business coach Lynda Bayada, here’s why.

As soloists, this is who we are
As soloists we tend to be an ‘all or nothing’ kind of tribe, eager and passionate to get our businesses off the ground. We’re an enthusiastic bunch who are only too eager to jump in, rattle some cages and make our mark. We would scoff at the thought of procrastinating and would never want to be accused of resting on our laurels.

Slowing down can help
Sometimes in the rush to start up and set up, we lose sight of messages from ‘the outside’ (outside our minds, that is). When we do not stop to smell the roses or occasionally listen to outside advice or even just take time to make a decision, we might actually open ourselves up to even more opportunity or something even better than what we’re aiming for.

Slowing down may save you time, money and heartache
Have you gone ahead and implemented a system, only to find that a better system has presented itself elsewhere?
Have you entered into a coaching program only to find that it wasn’t quite right, and discovered a different program a week later that was a much better fit?
Have you ever approved a business card print run or brochure print run only to have second thoughts about your logo, or worse still, find a typo? (Hands up for me on this one!)

Stay driven. Just don’t crash
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to lose your drive or slacken your commitment.  I’m saying, slow down. Look up and gather the feedback that’s being offered to you. Things change, you change. Give yourself the time to catch up to yourself every once in a while.