Reckon you’re a young gun? Prove it

Five reasons why applying for MPA’s Young Guns list is easier than you think

Five reasons why applying for MPA’s Young Guns list is easier than you think

With two weeks until applications end for MPA’s Young Guns 2016, sponsored by Suncorp, we’re stepping up our search for the brightest emerging talents in the mortgage industry.

As a young broker getting recognition can be a daunting prospect; you’re up against brokers with years of experience and dozens of referral partners. That’s why we’ve structured this report and its criteria to suit up-and-coming brokers from across Australia.

Here are five things you should know about MPA Young Guns 2016:

1. It’s not ranked
Yes, we think our Young Guns are the best emerging brokers in the business – but all our Young Guns are equal. Unlike our other lists (Top 10/ Top 100) we give our Young Guns equal prominence in the magazine and online, as well as Young Guns branding for your marketing.

2. You don’t have to write huge loan volumes
Whilst we do have a minimum annual settlement volume ($15m), you don’t need to have a row of zeros to your name to impress us. The $15m figure is simply a minimum requirement and we’ll look at the numbers you do submit in the context of where you’re based, so regional brokers should definitely put in an application

3. You can be in your 30s
You’re as young as you feel…and providing you’re under 35 we don’t care if you’re more Polaroids then Instagram and prefer a couple of glasses of wine to hitting the clubs. What we do insist on is you’re a newbie, so you can’t have been a broker/loan writer for more than two years (see the application page for more details).

4. You don’t have to run your own brokerage
Although we’re mighty impressed by new brokers who run their own business, it’s not essential; plenty of our best young guns are loan writers in well-established brokerages. You can apply by yourself, so don’t wait for your boss, apply now.

5. It’s about recommendations,  not numbers
Beyond the minimum entry criteria, what really distinguishes Young Guns are their recommendations, from colleagues, aggregators, brokerage heads, customers and referral partners. You only need to submit one reference so make sure it’s a good one as they will be published in the magazine.

Heard enough? Go ahead and apply now – it only takes five minutes. Applications close on Friday 4th December 2015.

MPA’s Young Guns 2016 is proudly sponsored by Suncorp