REA Group unveils new Smartline brand to hero broker offering

REA Group rebrand it Smartline mortgage broking business

REA Group unveils new Smartline brand to hero broker offering

REA Group recently announced the rebranding of its Smartline mortgage broking business. Smartline - personal mortgage advisers, will be the primary mortgage broking brand representing the Group in the Australian market. The Home Loans broker business will be integrated under the Smartline brand in the coming months.

The new Smartline brand combines the unique strengths of both businesses, incorporating the iconic red REA house, while delivering an unmistakable nod to both Smartline’s highly regarded financial reputation and’s property expertise.

This move further strengthens REA Group’s focus on Financial Services and commitment to providing the best property search and finance offering for Australians. It is also core to the Group’s continued focus on providing value to people beyond traditional property transactions.

The new brand went live on Monday 10 February and will be unveiled publicly for the first time at the Better Business Summit.

“REA Group took 100% ownership of Smartline in July last year. It was always our long-term plan to bring the Smartline and Home Loans brokers together to create one strong business leveraging our combined systems, data and talent,” REA Group CFO Janelle Hopkins said.

“While Smartline will lead the mortgage broker offering, Home Loans will remain a gateway in digitally connecting consumers to bank or broker options.”

Sam Boer, CEO Smartline was extremely pleased with the rebranding of its Smartline mortgage broking business.

“We are proud of our well established 20-year market leadership position and the culture that we have created over this time,” he said.

“The Smartline rebrand and integration with Home Loans broking business is another exciting step forward in the evolution of the organisation’s rich history.”  

With an average monthly audience of 8.8 million, has the largest and most engaged audience of property seekers in Australia who also have the opportunity to secure a home loan from one place. More than $2.3 billion in digital home loan applications have been received since launching Home Loans in 2017, and this rebranding is set to further bolster that success.  

The integration of both businesses is anticipated to be completed by Q420.