Property investment guru faces fraud charge

He allegedly provided a falsified bank receipt and obtained financial advantage through deception

Property investment guru faces fraud charge

A well-known property investment advisor and wealth coach is set to appear in court later this week on a fraud charge.

Zaki Ameer (pictured), 44, the founder of Dream Design Property (DDP), has made headlines and mingled with celebrities but now faces serious legal issues.

Ameer moved from Sri Lanka to Australia at the age of 18 and, after completing a bachelor of business degree, was inspired to enter the property investment sector. His website claims that within a few years, he had built a successful portfolio of 10 properties worth over $3 million.

Recognised for his achievements, Ameer began speaking at seminars on wealth creation and personal development, which led to the establishment of DDP Property. The company claims to have assisted over 1,000 clients in purchasing more than 1,300 properties, generating an annual turnover of $13.8 million.

Despite his professional success, Ameer is now charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception. The proceedings are brought by NSW Fair Trading, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The charge, if proven, carries a maximum prison sentence of two years, as it is being prosecuted in the local courts. A court attendance notice alleges that Ameer provided a falsified bank receipt to Richard Orchard and/or Arthur Brooks, indicating a $4,000 payment from his company, Dream Design Do Australia Pty Ltd, in line with a conciliation agreement, despite no such payment being made.

The notice further alleges that Ameer obtained a financial advantage of $7,500 or part thereof for his company through deception. Ameer has denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty, asserting that the client was paid in full prior to the charge.

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