PODCAST: A top performer for 10 years running

Marios Rokka has become a stalwart of the Loan Market brand but he explains it didn’t happen overnight

PODCAST: A top performer for 10 years running

Having known Marios Rokka for several years, he has become a stalwart of the Loan Market brand, and built a respected reputation with his colleagues, clients and referral partners.

By his own admission though, it didn’t happen overnight, and he has experienced the full breadth of ways to operating a broking business – from self employed, to partner in large business to now operating with a handful of staff and commitment to providing exceptional, holistic service and guidance to their clients.

And it would be remiss of me not to point out Marios is very humble. He would never choose such a flashy title for a podcast, though it is fitting of his results.

In fact, there are many things I do admire about Marios. 

One of which is his commitment to serving his fellow brokers through internal training programs to give them insight into his own operations. 

Marios also sees the value in investing into his own success, having undertaken a range of professional development courses to further his positioning and knowledge for clients.

What I admire most though is his consistency of performance.  Having a great month can be a bit like a flash in the pan.  Marios though has been on top of his game for nigh on a decade, and that takes a level of persistence, commitment and passion that distinguishes his results.

During our interview we cover several topics pertaining to growing a broking business, the key roles incumbent on a broker, how to build a high performance team, and Marios even shares his most recent and unexpected strategy for bringing enquiry into his business.

As always, I hope this episode provides insights and inspiration in what’s possible for you.

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