MPA’s lead generation webinar is now online!

Referral marketing guru Michael Griffiths gave brokers a new approach in our first ever webinar

Referral marketing guru Michael Griffiths gave brokers a new approach in our first ever webinar 

MPA is hitting the airwaves, with our new Business Education Webinar Series, in partnership with ANZ. The first session kicked off yesterday with marketing expert Michael Griffiths talking brokers through a strategic approach to lead generation.

Highlights included the ‘7 step referral process’ – from trust to solution to thanks – and creating a referral training manual, as well as the difference between ‘action people’ and ‘opportunity people’ in your network. The session concluded with questions from the attendees, covering several topics from referral fees to creating a network from scratch – we’ve detailed some of the best below.

There’s no shortage of webinars available to brokers, which is why MPA’s webinar has a deliberately slimmed-down format; no sales blather, just 45 minutes of the speaker and 15 minutes of Q and A between presenter and attendees.  It comes with CPD points and is completely free; you don’t need to be an MPA subscriber to join.

There’s four sessions in the first series; if you missed Griffiths lead generation session you can watch it here (for free). Next Thursday at 12pm Sydney time we have ‘Social Media & Digital Marketing’, presented by Laurel Papworth, who has been named as one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally.

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Q and A

Q. Regarding referral fees, some brokers pay a percentage of their commission for referrals. Do you agree, or should it be a two-way street with no cash payments involved?

Michael Griffiths: When things are in cash payments, it’s actually an affiliate program – what we’re talking about today is purely referral partnerships, where it is a two-way street, where I want to help you because you want to help me. Then you’ve got another model, which is absolutely fine, which is an affiliate partnership…even if you come across people who say ‘I want a clip of the ticket’, if you don’t want to do that, don’t do it, because there’s enough people who want to help you grow your business because you want to grow their business.

Q. How do you handle the person who says the already have finance in place when you talk to them?

MG: Move onto the next person. There are unfortunately people who, it doesn’t matter what you do, because of their mindset, their values, you are not going to be able to do things with them. That’s absolutely fine, just move on quickly and find a new person, because do you really want to continue speaking to that person? That’s just a drain…if you spend the time at the start with your criteria, finding the right sorts of people, you’ll have good people to deal with for years to come.

Q: Do you think podcasts and videos are a way to communicate, rather than just sending a standard email?

MG: Both. We have podcasts that go out every week, we have a video that goes out twice a week. I think you’ve got to connect with people in as many ways as possible. Unfortunately we’re getting lazier and lazier when it comes to reading, and people want to watch more…I think you want to be doing both, as often as you can.