Michael Galilee: Gain an edge through offshoring

CEO of Galilee Business Support Services on why more brokers are turning to offshoring opportunities

Michael Galilee: Gain an edge through offshoring

Michael Galilee CEO Galilee Business Support Services (GBSS) on why more brokers are turning to offshoring opportunities 

The rise of offshoring in the Australian market over the past few years has changed the perception that this is not only an option for the larger organisations. Small to medium sized companies and even sole operators are now realising the opportunities that are available to them which has seen an increase in the number of brokers who are now looking to offshore.

It’s well-known that basic staff costs are cheaper in offshore environments and, often, this is the primary reason for investigating offshoring opportunities.

Generally, the hiring of a person into an offshore environment to replace an Employee in Australia would create savings of 50% on simple salary/staff costs depending upon the nature of the role.

The creation of these cost savings can then allow the business to redistribute those savings into the growth of the business, invest in technological improvements, hire additional staff into their local office to perform core functions, or to simply help the entity keep its head above water in difficult times.

Perhaps the biggest saving and the one of the most benefit to brokers is via the realignment of core duties and roles. It is a common complaint that people in business never have time to do what they actually want to do. Simply, they often find themselves caught-up and involved in tasks that, in their mind, are not core to their primary role and which could easily be done by someone else. By providing that “someone else,” a BPO such as GBSS frees up time for the professional to maximise their own time by only handling tasks and providing services that are core to the business. To do this a BPO would then provide resources to cover roles and tasks such as:

  • Receptionist and phone support
  • Appointments arrangement
  • Data-entry of applications into relevant websites or portals
  • SEO and website support
  • Marketing and graphic design
  • Accounting or general book-keeping

Overall the summary is simple. If you think that “someone else” could or should be taking care of that task for you so that you can focus on the core function of your business then offshoring can provide the solution for you and is a valuable option for brokers looking to gain an edge.

Michael Galilee is CEO of Galilee Business Support Services. GBSS has been a trusted industry offshoring provider since 2010 with its offices based in Manila. Whether it be the provision of one person to provide basic administrative support or the provision of a complete team of processing staff, GBSS are ready and able to assist.