Keeping top of mind for clients

Top broker Daniel Pym shares strategies for staying relevant in the minds of clients

Keeping top of mind for clients

Keeping your name at the top of the client’s mind is vital for growing business, according to top broker Daniel Pym of Loan Market Double Bay. Pym’s strategies for staying relevant in the minds of clients led to his recognition as Equity-One Broker of the Year – Productivity at the 2021 Australian Mortgage Awards.

“I think the first thing we look at is just defining our point of difference,” Pym told MPA. “We’ve created a document that lists the seven things we do that other brokers or banks might not do for clients. We want to impress upon clients that we know what we’re doing and we care.”

Pym also stressed the importance of working for stellar online reviews.

“I think the best thing to do for marketing is actually Google reviews,” he said. “If your clients are happy with your service and they can leave you a five-star Google review, I think that’s really powerful. Everyone around the world can relate, and if you’ve got 100 five-star Google reviews and they’re constantly being updated, that’s really important.”

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Keeping in contact with clients also helps keep brokers top of mind – and keeps the referrals rolling in, Pym said.

“We also try to share our success stories. We do little scenarios explaining our points of difference there,” he said. “A big thing for us, which I think helps keep us top of mind, is that we do annual reviews for every client, every year. It takes a lot of effort to do that, but what that does is, we save clients a lot of money. But we also keep top of mind – we’re always in contact with those clients, so we get a lot of referrals from that as well.”