Does your broker profile stand out on social media?

A shining professional profile can make the difference between whether a client will pick up the phone to make an appointment or just click 'back'.

Bevon Sinnott is the Managing Director of Intercorp Financial Strategies and has over 40 years experience managing businesses and client relationships in Perth. The below feature was written for Top Broker.

Your professional profile is what clients see first before they even get to meet you. Before you work on building relationships with clients, you need to invest time in building an outstanding profile.

A well-structured profile will make an impression on potential clients. They may see something in your profile that can help them decide you’re the one they are searching for.

Here are some points on how you can do it

Create an excellent description
Think of the description as a way of introducing yourself to potential clients. This portion should contain up-to-date information about yourself, your skillset, experiences, area of expertise or any specialisation. Include distinguishing qualities you possess that make you unique. What sets you apart from others in the industry?

Include a professional photo
A photo is an important element of your profile. It’s good to put a face to the name. Clients would want to see a face and not just mere descriptions. However, it shouldn’t just be any photo. Use a professional one if you want to be taken seriously.

Show your credentials
If there’s an appropriate time to be showy of your professional background, this would be it. Make sure to include some of your most noteworthy achievements, membership to professional organisations and other affiliations. There is nothing wrong with showcasing what you got. This is one way to establish your credibility and earn people’s trust.

Add a tagline
Products and companies have taglines. It’s a form of branding and a great way of making people remember what you’re about and what you can offer as a mortgage broker. Knowing what you can bring to the table, create a striking tagline that will surely grab people’s attention. It can be a short description of how you can be of help to your clients.

Make it personal. Write in the first person point of view when creating a profile. After all, it’s yours. Own it.

This article originally appeared on Top Broker, a growing online space where tips and strategies are shared by Australia's top mortgage brokers.