Books for better business: Move Forward or Move Aside

When was the last time you read a book that really changed your business? MPA hears from a broker who's just discovered one.

Book: Move Forward or Move Aside: How to play the game of life to win by
Author bio:
 International best-selling author Ron Malhotra is also a qualified and award-winning financial advisor in Melbourne and a speaker and achievement principles trainer.
About: A step-by-step guide to having complete clarity on what you want and living your ideal life.
Publication date: 2015

Broker: Joshua Vecchio
Years in the industry: 5 Years Banking and Brokering
Company: Hunter Galloway 
Location: Brisbane

How did you discover this book?
Through a friend of mine.

What made you want to read it beyond the cover?
The first chapter captivated me, the teaching were simple yet profound. 

Best take-away business strategy for brokers and how has it improved this area? 
Focus on your strengths, know where you are going and create clarity in your vision

Best tips on time management or personal development?
Leaders are learners. Its been said that the high at which one goes is derived from the books he stands....

Why does this book stand out from others you've read? 
Because its practical and offers a full step by step guide on how to implement proven strategies to help you succeed

How did this book change/add to your business or your work life?
It allowed me to create clarity and focus on what I wanted, to take a charge and understand where I want to go and goals I wish to achieve.

Why is it useful to other brokers?
Many brokers don't know why they wake up in the morning. This book will help you understand your strengths and passions allowing you to light the fire within.

What is your favorite part?
This book is holistic in nature and for me its what I love, there is no one part that stands out moreover, its the journey. So long as you are willing to go on that journey, this book will give in multiples.

Can you sum up in one sentence why brokers should read this book?
Today's a great day to become the person you've always wanted to be.

Most memorable quote?
If you do what you've always done, you get what you always get. 

What are you reading next?
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind By T. Harv Eker