BDM in the spotlight: Vanessa Hyde

This week's ANZ BDM for Queensland has been with the bank for 18 years, 12 of those as a BDM.

ANZ Bank's QLD BDM Vanessa Hyde started out in the ANZ settlements team, then spent three years in business banking before making the switch to becoming a BDM.

BDM in the spotlight asks a different BDM the same seven questions – giving you a weekly insight into the lives of some of the top BDM’s in the country.

How often do you see brokers in a week?
Because I look after a part of South East QLD and all of the NT, I need to make sure I get the balance right.  I am in front of my QLD brokers regularly and make a trip to the NT every couple of months.

What do brokers want most from you?
Accessibility, responsiveness and the ability to get things done.   

What is your favourite part of the job?
Getting out to broker’s offices and spending the time to get to know them and their business.  The trick is to plan my week so that I have the ability to remain accessible and responsive.

What distinguishes the best brokers you deal with?
Without a doubt the brokers who are focused on customer service and in providing the most appropriate solution to their clients.

Describe your ideal weekend.
My ideal weekend would consist of a mix of spending time with family and friends or spending the weekend at the breach.

What’s the strangest lending scenario you’ve ever encountered?
I was once got asked to accept some unusual sale proceeds as genuine savings. The customer had sold a block of land for a goat, a carton of beer and a small amount of South African Rand. No problem once I received a picture of the goat.

How do you like your steak done?
Medium rare and has to be Eye Fillet or Kangaroo!

Vanessa's contact details:
Mob. 0423 780 652

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