BDM in the Spotlight: Gabrielle Aoun

Our partnership connections are first class, senior manager says

BDM in the Spotlight: Gabrielle Aoun

BDM in the Spotlight and State Manager in the Spotlight are a regular series, giving brokers insight into the lives of some of the country’s leading relationship managers.

MPA spoke to ORDE Financial senior BDM Gabrielle Aoun about her favourite part of the job, what sets successful brokers apart and her take on what industry-wide changes may benefit brokers.

Noting that ORDE takes a human approach to assessing each application, Aoun said she enjoyed helping to find solutions for a borrower that a broker did not know was possible. 

“I love that we treat each deal commercially and based on merit: this is absolutely the highlight,” Aoun said. “Working in a relationship-driven business, the connections, and friendships we build within the industry are second to none.”

Name: Gabrielle Aoun

Title: Senior Business Development Manager

Years in the industry:  Six

Company: ORDE Financial

Location: Sydney

  1. Briefly describe your role and how you support brokers

ORDE is Australia’s newest non-bank specialist lender.

My role is to build our footprint in NSW. I achieve this in several ways – education around the ORDE difference and our easy application processes and providing key insights on our residential, commercial and SMSF products.

I also help to build brokers’ confidence by being accessible and working through complex scenarios, providing consistent, reliable service.

  1. A goal you aim to achieve in your role over the next year?

My goal is to grow the ORDE brand with brokers.

I work with key aggregator partners and broker groups, ensuring their teams know about ORDE. I also like to make complex information simple, which helps to build trust.

Due to this approach, I was honoured to be recognised as an Excellence Awardee at the 2022 Australian Mortgage Awards (AMA), in addition to being the maiden finalist from ORDE.

  1. What sets successful brokers apart?

Brokers who have sound processes with good technology to support them do very well.

Additionally, those who fully utilise their aggregator’s platforms and consider outsourcing functions tend to free-up precious time to work in and on their business.

Moreover, brokers who provide education to their staff in areas such as application lodgement, broker notes and lender requirements promote overall productivity and deliver a positive customer experience.  

  1. What should brokers be demanding from a BDM and lender relationship?

Brokers need a responsive BDM who provides value.

For example, if a broker is unsure of requirements, scenarios or escalation procedures, their BDM should be available to provide them with certainty to move things forward.

ORDE is built for broker.  We value brokers and provide consistent service and access to all facets of our expert lending team: BDMs, credit, settlements and customer assist, to support them throughout their journey with us.

  1. What industry-wide changes do you think would benefit brokers?

Recently, there has been an increased focus on brokers diversifying and upskilling, particularly around commercial products.

This has prompted brokers to consider diversifying outside of residential lending, but they may be unclear where to start.

ORDE supports this commercial push, both through our products and through educating brokers on to how to identify and navigate commercial opportunities.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming commercial webinars run by our distribution and credit teams. 

  1. What do you provide to brokers that make you valuable?

I work to understand their business.

This gives me insight into how important, time consuming, and challenging it can be to put an application together and allows me to tailor solutions to help grow their business.

The ORDE team are passionate about giving brokers great service, valuing their clients and their business. I am lucky to be part of a team that supports brokers from start to finish.

  1. Describe your ideal weekend

Weather-wise, it would be 30 plus degrees and sunny!

It would involve a Saturday morning workout, followed by the beach with a book in hand: bliss!

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