6 top tips from the AMAs

The best advice from the nation’s best brokers at last Friday’s Australian Mortgage Awards.

6 top tips from the AMAs
With glamorous pictures and celebratory posts circling on LinkedIn and Facebook, you’d have to work hard to miss this year’s Australian Mortgage Awards.

Whilst the night is first and foremost a celebration, it’s also an unmissable opportunity: when else do you get all of Australia’s top broking talent in one room? Here we’ve brought together some of the best pieces of advice from the night:
Jason Back, managing director of The Australian Lending & Investment Centre, three-times winner of ME Brokerage of the year (≥6 staff) – Independent
“Every year we pick a theme: this year it’s been about investing in our people and understanding what motivates them and drives them, and understanding our people has really excelled our results this year.”
Stuart Styles, Arthurmac & Co., Pepper Broker of the year – non-conforming
“We never give up and that’s the key to non-conforming: you have to do a bit more work; you have to know a little bit more about the customer and the situation; it’s a little bit more involved, but I love it.”
George Karam, BF Money, two-times ANZ Broker of the year – commercial
“Focus on what you understand really, really well, and don’t take on more than you actually can. We let go of heaps of clients but you’ve really got to care about the ones you are trying to help.”
Moshe Moses, company director of Astute Sydney City Central, several-time Brokerage of the year – diversification
“You can’t just rely on one source of income and one source of product. Customers do want the holistic financial services offering and they do need to take the leap forward because they need to stretch the boundaries in terms of what they can offer the customer.”
Roger Ward, director of Cairns Mortgage Brokers, NEXTGEN.NET New brokerage of the year
“One important thing you’ve got to have in Australia is a commitment to community…we wanted to deliver a higher level of professionalism to the community, and delivered a number of additional services that were community based, where we were supporting special interest groups”

Mark Davis, The Australian Lending & Investment Centre, Westpac Australian Broker of the Year
 “You don’t win this yourself…it’s all about your staff, your team, your EA, your support staff, your business colleagues, your business partners; your managing director.”