5 secrets to writing winning award submissions you need to know

With Australian Mortgage Awards nominations now open, a marketing expert reveals all

5 secrets to writing winning award submissions you need to know

Like a best-selling novel, compelling awards submissions need to be well-written. Ensuring that the grammar is correct and there are no embarrassing typos is one thing, but making your submission stand out from the rest? According to Karen Hall, from Marketing consultancy, 101 Things, that comes down to the three ‘S’s’: storytelling, specifics and statistics.

  • Storytelling: Provide examples of scenarios you’ve solved or how you’ve helped clients. Stories are memorable and personable and can really bring your submission to life.
  • Specifics: Details matter and this includes ensuring you actually answer the question(s) the judges are asking and answering all aspects of a question if it’s multi-faceted. Again, use real-life examples that illustrate your skills and commitment are more compelling than just explaining ‘what you do’.
  • Statistics: Give evidence – figures and percentages – to back up what you claimed to have achieved. Generic corporate-speak and adjective-laden waffle will miss the mark.

Here are some examples:
DON’T SAY: When I took on this role, I promised myself to become the best broker that I could possibly be.
DO SAY: My goal was to write $24 million in my first year. I surpassed this and wrote $27 million in just my first nine months in broking and I’m on track to write $40 million in settled loans for the year.

DON’T SAY: Starting my career all over again is a testament to the commitment I have for my business and this industry.
DO SAY: Last year I helped a NSW Police Detective get pre-approval quickly, despite a high LVR (requiring a lender who would use his full income without shading it). He purchased a home that weekend and was so impressed that he referred two colleagues to me; one of whom has also referred a colleague.

If the submission allows you to provide additional material in support, I favour the power of imagery over words – for example, screenshots of your customer reviews, media coverage and online marketing screenshots. This allows you to show, rather than tell, the judges your worthiness to win! If the award allows 'optional' attachments or video submissions, you must make the effort to create and attach these.

It shows the judges you're serious about entering and winning, and even if you need to travel interstate for a finalist interview, book the flight to again show your commitment.

Finally, if you have a great story to tell, don't wait for someone to nominate you; nominate yourself to be in to win. And if you're time poor or just unsure of how to tell your story, 101 Things offer an award writing service, so you can put your best foot, or should that be story, forward to the judges.

The mortgage broking industry offers an extensive array of awards you can enter throughout the year, to gain exposure and recognition and build trust and credibility with your consumers.

The Australian Mortgage Awards have just opened, click HERE to nominate someone worthy, or yourself.

Article by Karen Hall of 101 Things