Trilogy Funding’s David Thomas reveals the qualities of a Top 100 broker

Educating investors is a winning strategy for one of Australia's best mortgage brokers

Trilogy Funding’s David Thomas reveals the qualities of a Top 100 broker

David Thomas, director at Trilogy Funding, believes that a committed mortgage broker can keep clients happy by sticking to a plan that brings positive results. Describing himself as a “systems-and-processes type of person,” Thomas inspires his team to follow a standardised system, ensuring that exceptional products and services are delivered consistently.

The Canberra-based brokerage has a long track record of helping homeowners and property investors structure their finance in a flexible way. Thomas’s emphasis on a first-rate customer experience led to recognition as one of MPA’s Top 100 Brokers in 2023.

How a Top 100 broker nurtures his mortgage business

“I think the key factors driving growth for us is that we’ve been around, I’ve been around for quite a while. I do have a really good established database, and we have 15-odd years’ worth of experience in delivering for clients,” Thomas said in this interview with MPA.

Amid industry challenges in the past year, such as higher interest rates and customers’ search for better refinancing deals, the award-winning broker focused on “guiding clients through the transaction, explaining how the transaction is different from the previous years … [and] explaining how the debt servicing calculators changed”.

By understanding and providing the market’s needs, Trilogy Funding has attracted numerous repeat customers and referrals.

“The repeat business and the referred business that we now get, as a result of doing it well for 15 years, is the thing that continues to feed and grow our business,” Thomas said.

An effective strategy: educating the market  

Being one of the best mortgage brokers is also due to Thomas’s ability to educate people about relevant subjects, such as “how investment properties work [and] how family law matters are going to play out”. Early in his career, he spoke at seminars for investors, while today he produces podcasts with tailored content related to property and financial planning.

“It’s really just showing the link between a mortgage broker and lending and all other facets of people’s lives and how we can usually assist or give some education in all different types of circumstances,” Thomas said.

His vision for Trilogy Funding is to continue creating a satisfactory client experience, enabling brokers to grow, and helping new people enter the industry by working with the brokerage.

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