BDM in the Spotlight: Dragan Latincic, Firstmac

Brokers must be willing to learn, adapt to change and diversify

BDM in the Spotlight: Dragan Latincic, Firstmac

BDM in the Spotlight and State Manager in the Spotlight is a regular series, giving brokers insight into the lives of some of the country’s leading relationship managers.

MPA spoke to Dragan Latincic (pictured above) Firstmac’s Queensland-based business development manager about how he supports brokers, what sets successful brokers apart and what brokers should expect from a BDM and lender relationship.

Latincic said Firstmac was an alternative lender which had great offerings and points of differences. 

He believes open lines of communication are key for brokers and BDMs and is always keen to advise brokers of any important Firstmac updates “and how we can help”.

Name: Dragan Latincic                                                                     

Title: Business development manager NSW/ACT

Time in industry: 13 years in banking and finance and seven years as a BDM with Firstmac

Company: Firstmac

Location: Brisbane

What did you do before you entered the industry:

Studied a business degree at university.

Please give a brief description of your role and how you support brokers?

My role as a BDM is to create strong and trusting working relationships with brokers (active/non-active) whilst providing them with quality support and pro-actively keeping them updated with all the things Firstmac has to offer.

I support my brokers by understanding their business and then providing them with solutions, offering guidance, and facilitating training and education to better understand our products, processes, policy and points of difference that we have. 

Please briefly outline a goal you achieved this year 

A goal of mine this year was to be nominated for an industry award in which I was fortunate enough to be an Australian Mortgage Awards Excellence Awardee for Best Non-Bank BDM. Sadly, I did not get the win but nonetheless was very humbled to be recognised.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I actually have a few. Firstly, I love helping and watching brokers grow their business whilst also growing with them at the same time and creating a strong and trusting working relationship. 

Secondly, helping new brokers to the industry. It can be challenging, demanding, fast-paced and there is a lot to learn so being there for them, and guiding them until they have their feet on the ground, is rewarding. Lastly picking up the phone and proactively reaching out to my brokers regularly to see how they are going and if I can offer them any assistance or help.

What sets successful brokers apart? 

Brokers who are always willing to learn, adapt to change, diversify, have good foundations and processes, and proactively upskill. 

What should brokers be demanding from a BDM and lender relationship?

I believe there are a few thing brokers should be demanding from their BDMs. They should be demanding regular catch ups, via face-to-face meetings, a phone appointment or a Teams/Zoom meeting to cover off on product training, point of differences and any credit policy and processing updates. 

They should also expect their BDMs be accessible, answer their phone and emails and get back to them as fast as possible and that the BDM helps with workshopping deals and backing the broker up with an application if it goes off track or if there is a deal to be done. 

What do you provide to brokers that makes you valuable to them? 

1. A positive can-do attitude – the brokers I look after always know that they can reach out to me, and I am always there to help them in any way I can. 

2. Being available and responsive – I generally get back to my brokers on the same day. If I don’t get back to them the same day they will definitely hear from me the next day first thing in the morning.

3. Knowing that they can trust and rely on me. If I say I am going to do something – I will do it. I’m upfront when it comes to workshopping deals/scenarios. If it is something Firstmac can consider/have an appetite for I will let them know and if not I will try and point them in the right direction with a bank/lender who may be able to help. 

4. Regularly hearing from me  what Firstmac has to offer, how we can help and any important product, policy and process updates. 

Describe your ideal weekend: 

I like to keep it simple – spending quality time with my family and kids. I also enjoy gardening and my lawn.  In the hotter months mowing the lawn nearly every weekend I find relaxing and in the colder months trying to keep the grass alive and as green as possible. I have a turf war happening with a neighbour of mine ha ha.

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