Australia’s Top 100 Brokers

A new standard is being set in mortgage broking as Australia’s finest continue to break records and redefine the third-party channel.

Australia’s Top 100 Brokers
You can't define an individual broker’s excellence purely by their volume total – but that’s not what the MPA Top 100 Brokers list is about.

Instead, our biggest report of the year looks at Australia’s highestperforming brokers as a group, providing essential business insights, indicating market shifts, and taking the temperature of the third-party channel.

Judging by our figures, the broking profession’s performance in 2014–15 has been red-hot. While the much-discussed 51.3% broker market-share figure encompasses all brokers, the Top 100 is about the cutting edge of the industry, and 2015 saw two brokers writing more than $300m in residential loans each this year. That’s surely a much more exciting statistic, as well as a Top 100 record, and there’s plenty more records to be found in these pages, for both total number of loans written and average loan value.

This year, there’s been a number of changes to the report. We’re celebrating more individual brokers than ever, including brokers who are doing fantastic work in areas with relatively low property prices and more up-and-coming brokers. The application procedure has also changed; it’s now all-electronic, allowing brokers and aggregators to do the necessary work at their desks in a matter of minutes. That’s resulted in an increase in the number of applications of more than 50% compared to 2014.

There are so many lessons to draw from this report, but there are several recurring characteristics among our top 10 brokers. Firstly, professional referral partners, such as real estate agents and accountants, are an important source of business for many, alongside their clients. Secondly, many top brokers specialise, most commonly in property investors but also in other niche areas. Finally, it’s evidently becoming harder than ever to do it alone. While lone brokers still excel in the Top 100, top performers are acquiring ever-larger support teams: how else could they write such volumes? Though not all brokers prefer this approach, this appears to be a trend that is unlikely to be reversed.

We hope these insights will allow you to take your business to the next level, but they wouldn’t exist without all those brokers who applied for the Top 100 – whether or not they appear in this list. We’d like to thank all those brokers and aggregators who applied, and congratulate those who number among Australia’s finest.


Westpac is proud to return as the sponsor for the 2015 MPA Top 100 Brokers list. As Westpac enters into our third century of serving Australia, our partnership journey continues – to help our broker partners grow their business and assist their clients in reaching their home ownership dreams and financial goals sooner.

Award recipients will be honoured for their commitment to excellence, specifically highlighting those who have set a benchmark of high performance that can be celebrated, respected, and emulated by brokers alike.

This is an exciting time to be a mortgage broker, as most professional brokers continue to embrace changes in modern technology and digitisation, as well as overcoming the challenges of recent regulatory changes.

On behalf of Westpac, I would like to congratulate the brokers who have made this year’s MPA Top 100 Broker list, and for stretching yourselves to achieve nothing less than excellence in the mortgage and finance industry.

Tony MacRae,
General manager,
third party distribution,
Westpac and St.George Banking Group

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