Runner Up: Ben Kingsley, Empower Wealth

Runner Up: Ben Kingsley, Empower Wealth

As an advisor with 20 years of property investment experience, combined with formal qualifications as a Qualified Property Investment Advisor, a licensed finance advisor, and a licensed real estate agent (buyer’s agent), Ben Kingsley off ers a suite of expertise to his clients. It’s little wonder he was voted runner-up in this prestigious category.

“Working with Ben and his team at Empower Wealth has renewed our confi dencevin property investing. Their advice and willingness and enthusiasm to help secure our future has been exceptional and we look forward to working together well into the future.” – Genie McMullen

-This award means a lot to me as it is the only peer-reviewed award in Australia for property investment advisors. I have enjoyed the thrill of winning this award for the past two years, and it’s my aim to keep raising the professionalism bar for consumers, who benefit from better advice.

-When it comes to property investing,  it is a high-value purchase and in many cases households who invest in property are potentially putting their financial wellbeing at risk. It’s certainly not like buying $10,000 worth of CBA shares. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are involved, and usually a significant level of debt. Dealing with a professional advisor whose sole intent is genuinely placed in helping their client achieve a positive financial return is what being a trusted advisor is all about.

-Our property investment industry is one I feel passionate about in terms of increasing the professionalism of all the practitioners who operate in our space. This is why I both play an active role in the media and have responsibilities with the Property Investment Professionals of Australia. My end game of this commitment is to ensure greater consumer protection and trust if a member of the public decides to seek the services of a property investment advisor.

-A trusted advisor should deliver a tailored outcome for the client based on their best interests. In my view, this means no two recommendations should be the same, because we all have different goals and priorities, different cash flow situations, different timeframes and different financial targets. A trusted advisor knows this and draws on their experience, knowledge and research tools to firstly clarify and evaluate each client’s circumstances and then develop a strategic plan for the client to implement.