Runner-Up: Adele Andrews, Century 21 Property Connect

Runner-Up: Adele Andrews, Century 21 Property Connect

Adele Andrews, licensee and principal at Century 21 Property Connect in Erina, credits her strong systems and marketing resources as key to her success. But for her clients it’s her attention to detail, service and accessibility that make all the difference.

“Adele is an incredible property manager who not only looks after the property owner but the tenant too (I have both been a tenant and a landlord through Adele). I now have four properties that she looks after and have referred many friends to her as well with us all remarking on how she stands above others as a property manager. I wish I could clone her and send her elsewhere.”
– Louise Pilkington

-I am ecstatic and very honoured to be recognised in these awards. I would like to thank your readers for taking time out of their busy lives to vote for me; it really helps our industry to get feedback on what’s important to them.

-Life and people teach us the most! So at least five years’ real estate experience is a good sign when choosing a property professional to work with, because there is only so much that can be learned from study. That said, it’s essential to stay on top of the legislation and ongoing changes in the industry through professional education.

-Make sure they are confident, with a solid track record and relevant industry qualifications. Certainly look at how well they communicate during the early stages of your relationship, as this is a sign of how you will find their communication later on. Also, ask about the stability of employees in their office, as it’s easy for rentals and questions to fall between the cracks when there’s a high staff turnover.

-A good property manager must be highly organised to manage the ongoing needs of both landlords and tenants. Effective negotiation skills and attention to detail are vital to ensure you get the best tenant from day one, minimising your risk and maximising your return.

-What do you believe makes you a good property manager? As licensee and principal at Century 21 Property Connect in Erina, I’ve got the systems and marketing resources of an international brand at my fingertips. Added to this, I feel my personal qualities of attention to detail and negotiation and organisational skills make me a good property manager. I make sure every detail in every file is accurate from day one, because it makes all the difference on those rare occasions when tenant disputes arise.


1 Ensure your investment property is clean, well presented and
competitively priced for your local area, taking into account
other similar properties.

2 Retain a property manager who is thorough and who will find you a reliable tenant.

3 Keep your property well maintained. You are more likely to retain the tenant long-term, and if they move on you will be in the best position to secure another high-quality tenant.