Highly Commended: Sarah Farrugia, SAF Finance

Highly Commended: Sarah Farrugia, SAF Finance

“From the first phone call to signing documents, Sarah was very friendly and professional. We could speak to her with confi dence knowing she was working for us to fi nd the best possible deal. We had update phone calls and emails along the way. When it came to signing, Sarah was more than happy to have us come in and go through all the documents with her just so we understood everything. She’s fantastic and we would highly recommend her.”
– Brenden Engellenner

-I am so excited  and overwhelmed by the support I’ve received from my clients and business partners who voted for me. It is very rewarding to be recognised for the work I put in, especially when work can sometimes take up valuable family time.

-Having a trusted mortgage broker in today’s market is extremely important as each lender is changing their policies in the investment and residential lending space. What a good broker knows is the ins and outs of each institution’s lending policy – which may prove invaluable in getting your application over the line.

-Not only do brokers get access to better interest rates and more flexible conditions than are advertised by lenders, but a trusted broker can guide you through the loan products that fit your circumstances to ensure they meet your specific needs and requirements, not only now but for the future. Then there are all the tricks of the trade that only come with years of experience. Being able to set up your loans in the best possible structure can deliver some serious interest savings. Having an experienced broker who has worked through the good times and bad times, like the GFC, can also help assist you in choosing the perfect lender. They have seen the effects of mortgage rates and lenders who don’t stand the test of time.

-Bank loyalty no longer exists, so don’t expect that the bank will approve your new loan or give you a rate discount just because you have banked there for the last 20 years. It’s likely that the bank manager that approved your loan three years ago is no longer at that branch or working for that bank. If you don’t already have one, find a mortgage broker. You want to work with a broker who will process your application as quickly as possible and also provide the necessary ongoing support.