Highly Commended: Paul Wright, Choice Home Loans

Highly Commended: Paul Wright, Choice Home Loans

“Paul and his team were very professional and supportive, taking the time to explain the process of obtaining a mortgage. He is always available for support should I have any questions regarding my mortgage or any other issues. Through his extensive knowledge and passion he managed to make a very stressful situation as easy as possible and worked very hard to get me the best deal. It was great dealing with Choice Home Loans and I will defi nitely request their services next time!” – Melanie King

-This is the greatest compliment  we could receive. It is great to know that our hard work is appreciated and our clients have taken the time to nominate me and our business for this award. This nomination is not just an endorsement of the work that I do but of the wonderful support my clients receive from my dedicated team. We pride ourselves on educating our clients and assisting them on their property investment journey, whether it is their first property they are buying or they are an experienced investor.

-Using a mortgage broker who specialises in investment lending is key, as investment lending is quite complex and it is important to choose the right lender the fi rst time. An experienced mortgage broker will ensure the correct structure is established from the start, which is critical if you are planning on building a property portfolio. It is very important that the advice you receive takes into consideration your property goals now and in the future.

-Ask your potential broker, “Do you have a property investment portfolio? Do you regularly work with property investors to help them achieve their goals and provide them with ongoing support?” This is important because not all mortgage brokers have experience in this area. Maintaining regular contact with clients postsettlement is also very important if you want to build wealth long-term.

-Investors should regularly review their home loan statements, as many borrowers are unaware of what interest rate they are actually paying, and many are paying more than they should be. The fi rst step is to speak with your mortgage broker or directly with your current lender to see if there are any opportunities to reduce the rate you are paying. We undertake regular reviews for all our clients to ensure they have the most suitable product and competitive rates at all times.