Highly Commended: Kathy Dundas, No Fuss Homeloans

Highly Commended: Kathy Dundas, No Fuss Homeloans

“Kathy was recommended to me by a friend. I purchased my fi rst property last year and could not have been more impressed by the level of service that Kathy provided. She answered all my questions, followed up with the lender when required and once my loan was approved, she even travelled to my workplace to take me through the paperwork. She has gone above and beyond at all stages of the process, and is much deserving of this nomination.”
– Kate Rowe

-This award is based on client recommendation and feedback, and so to reach the fi nals is so exciting. It is not just about the award; the fact that my clients have been happy with my service and have taken the time to nominate me gives me the most pleasure. Our main ethics are respect, educate and serve, and I have built my business around these three words.

-I believe it is extremely important to know your borrowing capacity before going out and negotiating the purchase of a property.

It is disappointing when a client has found ‘the perfect property’, only to discover that they are not able to go ahead with the purchase as they cannot borrow the amount they need. A pre-approval of fi nance is a great tool to have when you are shopping for property as it not only gives you confi dence regarding how much you can borrow and therefore how much you can spend, but it also gives you better bargaining power as most real estate agents will take a potential purchaser with pre-approval more seriously than someone who will need to get finance in place.

-The home loan market is constantly changing, and this has been particularly evident in the investment loan space since APRA stepped up their close monitoring of investment lending. Many clients don’t realise that credit policies can differ dramatically between lenders, and so it is very important to look at each client on an individual basis to fully understand their current situation and borrowing requirements.

-Interest rates play an important part in the search for the perfect home loan, but there are many other factors to consider that help determine the best loan choice. A trusted mortgage broker will be able to advise you on all of these factors and will not only guide you during the loan application but will be there for their clients long after settlement.