Highly Commended: Jane Slack-Smith, Investors Choice Mortgages and Your Property Success

Highly Commended: Jane Slack-Smith, Investors Choice Mortgages and Your Property Success

“Jane provides a fantastic education. Jane always gives a lot of free information on her webinars and takes extra time to answer everybody’s questions. She goes well beyond the call of duty and deserves to be rewarded for her eff ort.” – Sue Cowie

-This is an incredible honour. In the past I have won YIP Magazine’s Mortgage Broker of the Year award, but to have my students and clients acknowledge the education and assistance I bring to making their plans a reality makes all the extra effort that we take pride in at Your Property Success and Investors Choice Mortgages worthwhile. Being acknowledged as one of Australia’s best property advisors is truly humbling.

-When I was starting my property portfolio I didn’t know who to trust and I know this fear could have paralysed me. However, it didn’t – it just made me more committed in learning all I could learn, which started with asking the right questions of those professionals that I was dealing with.

-Today in my mortgage broking and education businesses, on a weekly basis I am talking to someone who put their trust in the wrong person, whether a family member or property professional, which has set their retirement plans back years in some cases – or even worse they have had to start from scratch. Dealing with someone who has your interests at heart is the key to building a successful portfolio.

-I would always ask for referrals when choosing who to work with, and look for evidence of their success through past clients or industry-recognised awards. I wouldn’t just take their word for it. Then, research to see if the person is transparent with their business offerings (understand how they make their money) and ascertain if they are building a long-term relationship, or is this a ‘one and done’ transaction for them?